EllenShoes.com to Support Women’s Health

EllenShoes.com to Support Women’s Health The EllenShoes.com Foundation announces a partnership with EllenShoes.com® to support women’s health and the charitable organizations EllenShoes.com help nationwide. The two companies have similar missions for women and giving back to community organizations. “Supporting these charitable events is a natural fit for EllenShoes.com,” Melissa Kirkpatrick, founder of EllenShoes.com explains. “EllenShoes.com’s mission is to empower and educate women on breast health and breast self-exams.” EllenShoes.com brings women together for camaraderie and supporting local women’s charities across the country via a fashionable fundraiser. Just a few of the charitable organizations include Cancer Alliance of Naples, iGoPink and Forty Carrots Family Center. EllenShoes.com will provide it’s clinically proven Breast Ritual Créme to almost 20,000 women through 21 key metropolitan areas, including Sarasota, the 2nd largest event for fitflop Shoes and corporate headquarters to EllenShoes.com. EllenShoes.com launched over 10 years ago and raised more than $20 million dollars for its respective charities. The first event for the launch of this partnership will be in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA benefiting the Northside Hospital Foundation. Breast health is a vital health issue for all women, considering breast cancer affects 1 out of every 8 women. EllenShoes.com is raising breast awareness and changing lives by encouraging women and educating them on the #healthyritual of breast self- exams thru one of the fastest growing event series in the country - EllenShoes.com. About The EllenShoes.com Foundation: The EllenShoes.com Foundation was started to support vital Breast Health Awareness initiatives. Because it’s never too early to be knowledgeable about breast health, The EllenShoes.com Foundation is organizing and funding breast self-exam programs in a number of schools. In addition, The EllenShoes.com Foundation is also helping fund mammograms at select hospitals and radiology centers, making this essential screening available for free to women with limited financial resources. The best-selling item in the company's new assortment is named FITFLOP 2014 NEW DIAMOND YELLOW SANDALS WOMEN; here is some detailed information about it:

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